International mail art

Mail art is an art form that is a community minded form of art sharing. Started in the sixties with the idea of using the postal service to send small works to people. Postcards were handdrawn, handmade and often had witty poems or messages on their B sides. One of the most popular mail artists of the time was Ray Johnson. Marcel Duchamp, the Italian futurists, the dadists also used postcards to move their art in the world.





1) In the late 80s I used to send and make postcards and randomly drop them or mail them to people and places in downtown Toronto, Canada. My bohemian ways often brought me to Queen St, West, Kensington Market where a lot of the art movement was happening at the time. Seldom would I sign my work, I preferred to be anonymous.
2) I have a personal collection of postcards that start somewhere in the mid seventies. I have never counted them.

3) My Italian nonna was one if the first special people in my life to send me postcards and I remember thinking that this little piece of cardstock had lived and traveled so far to arrive. It came from a totally different place in the world, from different skies, smells,tastes, music, customs and all this was somehow inside this card. Then there was the note. A vintage style tweet, of few characters. Wish You Were Here or I love you and a signature. This was thrilling to receive.

4) I have been on the road my whole life, I use moleskine journals to track my days, inside the backflap I carry blank postcards that I make on the fly and drop or give away as I like.

5) I have a selected few postcards that travel with me all the time, they remind me of homes and places and people I have been to and with.


Acrylic Ink on paper
4×6 post card

Postcard art
Flavia Testa

Ink, acrylic and pencil images on paper

4×6 inches

Post card Art by Flavia Testa