International Artist

Flavia Testa
Self-taught artist
3rd Culture Life

My soul wandered to Earth to play this life. In vanity & glory I am a bastard of time.

Creative, affordable outsider art for everyone.

    All The Glitters Is Not Gold

    New Ongoing Fall/ Winter Series 2019/2020 by Flavia Testa

    Nature? What is our nature and how to we give or detract value from our interior and exterior lives?

    This series uses gold as a base colour and illustration/ mixed media to explore our relationship with Nature.

    I will leave it up to you to interpret the rest.

    All work is small/ medium scale for affordability and easy transport.

    All work is original, one of a kind pieces, handmade in Canada & Italy.

    The artist hand Flavia Testa The idea flows out of my hands
    Hand of the artist
    post card art

    Fall windows by Flavia Testa small art for sale

    gold acrylic on paper

    By Flavia Testa

    Rememberance Day Art for sale

    3 Poppies Remember the fallen

    Poppies for three 8×10 inches ink/ acrylic/ pencil/paper
    New work 26×22 cm unframed ink, acrylic, pencil on Fabriano paper.
    Mom portrait / post cards 4×6″ on cardstock
    S O L D

    Inside Out 5 ft x 3 ft. ink, acrylic on newsprint. By Flavia Testa

    Prints Available for sale

    Botticelli reworked available as prints with original hand made detail. Prints available.

    PH. Series Flavia Testa artist/ director PH. taken my Raoul Manuel Schnell

    Flavia Testa art
    Flavia Testa artist

    Flavia Testa in Halifax, NS Polar Stillness 2018