Flavia Testa

An outsider artist is talented, self-taught and rarely sells or shows  art while alive, but who garners interest and mystery from the outside world that they live in. 


In life and in art,  Flavia challenges people to wonder, be inquisitive, to find meaning in visual communicationArt is a force and a fortress that protects  and reveals our lives. Art is an expression of that.

Described by viewers as raw, visceral and powerful, Flavia’s signature style is simple, layered with emotional and visceral complexity. Bringing shadows and light together is part of that magic.

Main mediums are ink, paint, pencil. Sometimes also photography accompanied by elements of linguistics, symbols, signs, words, images in her larger than life creations that are made for gallery shows and events.

Flavia enjoys selling her art online through social media and digital formats. Her work can be in spaces and places far and wide at a reasonable price. She has spear-headed her own online art calls that are creative and unique, to sell and collaborate with her fans and collectors. Flavia believes that art should be accessible and available to as many people as possible, everywhere.


Iranian born, Italian Canadian artist Flavia Testa works both in Canada and Italy.  

*BW Header photos by photographer @raoulmanuelschnell

*3rd fr L photographer @_vitaminbea_