After two years #flaviasinternationalartlist is coming to a close at the end of December. This was an initiative I took where I did interpretive illustrations of your lives and photos from social media and other media and stories you sent me in. I have about 50 or the 100 I started and will use them as promised to do a show and a book in 2019.

December at the ISYTE Gallery in Calgary, Alberta three new pieces are showing into the new year as new collaborations are in the works. Very happy to have work out West! Go Canada.

outsider art
Mona Lisa revisited Flavia Testa Art

I am very happy to announce that two of my works are part of ongoing publications with Mount Saint Vincent University, one with Understorey Magazine and the other with Atlantis Magazine, these are both academic publications coming out of the Maritimes, go check those out online!

More academia and art with the upcoming published work in 2019 for Motherhood Initiative and Social Exclusion published by Demeter Press edited by Christie Byvelds and Heather Jackson. Wonderful to be the only artist among very bright and talented academics and researchers. On a subject that I have been part of and living for over twenty years. Motherhood!
I will be participating and sending my 9th year of charity work with the #TAE #twitterartexhibit, being held in Scotland in 2019, for art and health care. I love this because we all need to be healthy to prosper and art can help do that. TAE is an initiative where are postcards are sold at a silent auctions around the world for different charities. It’s great way to help out and it makes a difference.

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