Working on a few shows in Nova Scotia for Spring. Looking forward to making new work with paint and ink still using black and red and part collage and words. I have travelled to Austria, Switzerland and Italy of late and this has given me a new perspective yet again to make interesting and beautiful art work. I hope to translate this travel period into something tangible and fun.It is a great step for a creative to present work for new people it is especially enriching when one has that opportunity as I did at Manhattan College in New York City, hosted by the fantastic Martha Joy Rose of the Museum Of Motherhood- I presented a graphic scroll of thirty metres x 30 cm. Which ended up being a performance piece as I had a great audience hold the piece in a circle as I stood in the middle to narrate. Little steps take on a big significance. Thank you to all who observed and participated. Subversive art in Academia is very satisfying indeed!

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