Dear Art Lovers,

2019 Has stared off with quiet continuation of the great art year that just passed. As I sit here and write, I want to explode and tell you all about the things I am planning to do, what I have started and what I have finished all at once! Those of you who know me or have met me, know that I live intensely and my work and my words I hope follow suit.

Being an artist comes with an enormous task and burden if you will, to say and project things that cannot otherwise be said in society, in out heart of hearts and in our unconssciousness and shadows. Hopefully I can bring the beauty of that out.

There have been countless hundreds of thousands who have come before and who are here today, doing much the same thing. I am most pleased to know that we share this in common, and that though unique, I am not alone in my work life. I have a great sense of fidelity to my art (and to my family). Both feed us. It is with the utmost respect that I create art and nurture my family. It is these creations that keep my work integral to who I am and what I do. I cannot separate my life from my art. In art, like in life some things are easy while others require more elaboration. Why tell you this? Because by making it public, I am accountable and it make the job of the artist real. It is a vocation that requires solitary hours of practice and patience. I have done that, and will continue to do so. Generating better work, a body of material that will be here long after me. I would also like to add, that without YOU, this would be a rather dull pursuit. My ego and pride need you, without sounding too much like an asshole.

Thank you and continue to stay curious, inspired and optimistic!


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