Summer in Italy was as you might expect beautiful. In the warm Mediterranean it is la dolce vita that somehow takes over. From quiet outdoor dinners, to vivacious dancing in the piazza, life seems to flow just a little more like a good glass of wine when you are in this incredible hub of civilization and culture. Being in Monferrato (Piemonte)  brought with it new curiosity and new opportunities. I was able to join a group of established local artists and get valuable feedback on my work. (If you can stand to be under a microscope and have your art critiqued, you win, because you are learning). It is in this setting that I was asked to make art pertaining to nature and the environment. I accepted the challenge and from this a whole new body of work is being born.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

New Ongoing Fall/ Winter Series

Nature? What is our nature and how to we give or detract value from our interior and exterior lives? This series uses gold as a base colour and illustration/ mixed media to explore our relationship with Nature. I will leave it up to you to interpret the rest.

Making a commitment to viewers and buyers so that you are not obligated to go to conventional spaces and places to enjoy art. It’s a new way and I hope you can join me.

My goal in the next year is to do tailored, measured shows to introduce art and the artist to as many people as possible. Bookings and info at

Very exciting to do a one woman show live in the streets in Monferrato! More people interacting with art, more openness, more conversation in a chaotic world. This was very uplifting for everyone. Art is winning!

A big grazie mille to Art Saloon Gallery (Ariccia – Roma)

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